The Week that Changed the World–Message 6

In this final week of the series, Pastor Ben looks at the final moments of Jesus’ life and what crucifixion really was. It was an awful way to die and Jesus went through it to pay what was owed for all of us. Take a listen here and check out the first video which starts at 7:10 in the audio and the final clip that begins at  29:19.




The Week that Changed the World-Message 1

Easter is the most important event for Christians! That may sound bold, but it is absolutely true. Listen in to Pastor Ben talk through this as we begin this series on the final week of the life of Christ. And check out the video footage from Israel. It is what you are hearing starting at minute 3:25 in the audio recording.


Together–Pastor Ben Phillips

We are all a part of various groups, organizations, or gatherings. But what does it mean to be a church? What is involved in it? Why is it so important? Why do we get out of bed and get together on Sunday mornings and throughout the week for small group? Listen in to this week’s message as Pastor Ben takes a look at being fully devoted…together.