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At Central we want to provide the questions that will be looked at in group before you head to your group. Each week this is where you will find the questions and some prayer requests.
If you are not yet in a group and are interested in joining a group, please send us an email to


The Shepherd, The Sheep, and The Roaring Lion (Part 2)

Text:  1 Peter 5:1-5 (with a focus on 5)


Question 1)  Would you describe yourself as more of a leader or a follower?

Question 2)  “Submission is a fundamental attitude of spiritual maturity.” (MacArthur)  How does submission (the idea of willingly be under authority) demonstrate spiritual maturity?

Question 3)  Why are we to clothe ourselves in humility?  Why do you suppose the metaphor of clothing ourselves is used?  Where else do we see similar verbiage used in the bible?

Question 4)  “To put it bluntly, the only Christians who would not want this kind of leadership over them (Pastors who are for the flock, feed them with God’s word, and protect them) are proud ones, who think they don’t need anyone’s help- and sheep that go it alone tend not to last long, let alone thrive.  (-Juan Sanchez)

Question 5)  What have you been reading about in God’s Word lately?  What have you been learning?


Each Monday through Thursday, small groups meet in homes from around the church. Small groups allow people to connect, develop friendships, and grow towards being passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

Why Join/Attend a Small Group?

  •  You will be able to apply the Bible in your everyday life
  • Build Lasting relationships and grow with others in a family setting
  • Care for one another the way that the bible teaches
  • Do life together and from strong bonds in new and exciting ways
  • Experience joy and connection with one another and the Church

If your ready to join our family or simply want to learn more about us, we would love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Small Group?

Groups consist of 8 to 16 people that meet for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. They are for adults of all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity.

What kinds of groups are there?

We have groups comprised of all ages and stages of life. We will work to find a group that is a good fit for you.

Where do the groups meet?

All of our groups currently meet in group members’ homes.

What about childcare?

Childcare is managed by each individual group. Some groups rotate childcare responsibility among group members, some hire a sitter, and some work out childcare needs according to individual family needs.

When do the groups meet?

Groups meet one night each week. Groups decide which night of the week is best for them.

How long do groups stay together?

Many of the groups have been together for a number of trimesters, but we are always open to groups bringing in new members.

How long does each meeting last?

Each group decides the length of time they will meet. Most groups meet for an hour and a half.

What happens in group meetings?

Though each group differs in how they do things, group meetings include a social time, group discussion, and prayer.

What do groups study?

Most groups discuss how to apply the prior week’s sermon to their daily lives. However, some groups may choose to do a topical study, a Bible study, or a book study.

Can I visit a group before “joining”?

Absolutely. We encourage everyone to check out a group before making a commitment. We hope visiting a group will relieve your natural hesitations and answer your questions.
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