Easter: The Lord is Risen

March 31, 2024
As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Pastor Tanner challenges us to see the invitation and call to action within the angels declaration. Take a look!
As we continue in our series Real Life, Pastor Tanner challenges us to ask not only what we should pray, but also how and why. Take a look!

True Love

January 28, 2024
As we consider the familiar command in the book of 1 John, Pastor Tanner shares why it is so important that we love one another. Take a look!


August 27, 2023
There is nothing more awe inspiring than our great God! Take a look as Pastor Tanner shares David's words of awe found in Psalm 8 and explains why they should…
The concept of faith can be difficult to grasp because of confusion caused by the culture in which we live. This means that understanding what Scripture has to say is…
One of the most Frequently Asked Questions throughout the history of Christianity is in relation to the problem of evil. Why does God allow Evil to exist? Take a look…